So when I first decided I was going to make Kanji & Tea I debated on going for our own domain name or settling for a free platform such as Blogger or WordPress. Now, I don’t think either of these platforms are bad, I am simply familiar with the freedom and flexibility that comes with having your own .com. But to be honest, what stopped me was this exact train of thought:

But what if I/we fail? I’ll have wasted money on a domain and hosting then!

Well folks, isn’t that just positive thinking! /sarcasm.

The important part is that I want to make sure I don’t give myself an easy way out. NO EXCUSES. You either do it or you don’t. By committing myself to a domain I am showing myself how serious I was about learning this language. (Just like choosing a name.) Obviously I’m not saying you need to have this to learn Japanese in any way! I’m simply sharing with you something I’ve done to show myself how dedicated I am. By not committing to something I wanted anyway, I was giving myself an out before I’d even really started! If I fail, it’s not like I’m losing money.

So find that one thing (or several) that you’re hesitant to do/buy/read/watch because you’re thinking, “Well, what if?” and commit to it, whatever it may be. Don’t want to buy The Matrix dubbed in Japanese since you already have the entire trilogy in Blu-ray? Embarrassed to be caught using flashcards on the bus? Nervous about eating every meal with chopsticks? Do you want Japanese or don’t you? And we know you do! Well, commit to yourself and you commit to your project.

I’ve had so much fun over the last week just listening and watching, despite the constant state of confusion. I’ve had fun eating with chopsticks and trying new recipes. I’ve had fun working on Kanji & Tea while listening to Japanese podcasts. I’ve had more fun that I’ve had in a long time! And well, guess what? I’m saying to myself now that I won’t fail, and that I can’t fail. Not can’t as in I am unable but can’t as in won’t. What is failure anyway? It’s giving up, that’s what. And you can never truly fail if you never give up.

So keep trying, keep going, keep doing.

And that’s my vow to myself.


4 Responses to Kanji & Tea

  1. Jeremy says:

    Welcome to the journey to fluency with us. I added your site to my blogroll.

  2. fairykarma says:

    Hmm… I stumbled upon your blog on a whim. I’ve never caught anybody just beginning immersion. More interesting considering it’s both of you. I have quite a bit of experience with Japanese though I’ve kind of neglected Kanji. I guess I’ll take this opportunity also to do some kanji work along with you guys. Knowing someone else is doing it will serve as motivation to get rid of that “left behind” feeling. Look forward to reading more about your journey!

    • Momo says:

      It’s nice to meet you! I guess it’s rare to meet people who are just starting because it’s potentially intimidating/embarrassing/etc to admit you’re just starting out!

      It’s nice to meet you!

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