Eiji and Momo strive to use only their own photographs, artwork, and graphics for Kanji & Tea, but sometimes that’s not enough! (Or sometimes they get gifts!)

So they’d like to take this time to say a quick thank you to everyone who has put a part of themselves into this blog. Aside from devoting a special page to you, your names & contribution are big, bold, and in uppercase. This is probably the best credits page you’ve ever seen, isn’t it? We try.

Credit where credit is due (and a thank you is always nice too)

Eiko, for the wonderful custom image of Eiji and Momo on the about page.
RaindropMemory, for allowing us to use his work as our two avatars on our about page.
Namejiten, for the fantastic list of Japanese baby names and the baby images.
Kanjiroushi, for the “Kanji A Day” feeds displayed on the bottom of every page.
Pagelines, for this base layout.
WordPress, for their wonderful blogging platform.


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  1. Ali Imran says:

    Dear Eiji and Momo, Konnichiwa

    I started learning Kanji on my own… Last December from them learn 500 Kanji… only can identify them but still don’t know on- and kun- yumi…. that is Chinese and Japanese readings. Try hard to learn all 1945 JiyoKnaji then will start learning on-kun-YUMIs 🙂 ….. Find you people wana share my experience with you… and learn more with your help, u can contact me on my email….. Sayoonara

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