I may have gone slightly overboard over on 8tracks and made about six mixes already to share for immersion purposes. Last time I shared Japanese native speaking, and today I’m going to share some actual music mixes I made for you. Enjoy!


Japanese singer/songwriter music fresh (2010-2011) from Japan.

Cover photograph by starsarefalling.


A mix of lesser known Japanese indie and indie pop with a splash of electronic with rock. Oh, and an Okinawan sanshin. Enjoy!

Cover photograph by Katsuaki Shoda.

4 Responses to Japanese Music Mix (1 & 2)

  1. アンナ says:

    Ooooh, Japanese indie/techno! You’ve found my weakness! o(^ u ^)o

  2. Knz says:

    Ahh! I love these!

  3. Momo says:

    I love your mixes! Can I ask what the title/artist of the second song on 近未来 is? The song that 8tracks claims it is is wrong, I think…

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