Quick, it’s time to quiz yourself for fun! Take note of the time and go ahead and try to identify as many Kanji and hiragana in the photographs as you can. When you’ve identified all you know, see how long it took you and how many you were able to read. It’s okay if you only know one or two at first, you will get better after a while. We’ll try to share these every once and a while so you can practice whenever you see them. If you feel like posting your times in the comments, feel free, but if not that’s okay too. And if you have any photos of kanji or hiragana in everyday places, send them our way and we’ll feature them next time. 頑張って!


ざるそば = za ru so ba

赤みそ= aka mi so
卅 = miso

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the first red kanji in the second photograph!

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