Hi again! I know what you’re thinking, “My goodness, so soon?!” Well, I wanted to share a movie that 永次 and I watched the other day. (It’s a lot happier than the movie I watched today, that’s for sure!) ホッタラケの島 〜遥と魔法の鏡〜 is a 2009 release which won several film festival awards, and I can see why! With elaborate worlds, art, and characters, Haruka & The Magic Mirror really shines as a great new edition to the animated children’s adventure genre. (And just how cute is the little sheep called Cotton!)

I personally like to watch movies without knowing much about the actual plot, so I won’t divulge that here in detail, but if you’re the sort that likes to know what they’re getting into, check out the Wikipedia page for a brief summary.




3 Responses to Oblivion Island: Haruka & The Magic Mirror

  1. Cosmo says:

    Wow that looks like fun. I wonder if it is appropriate for someone in pre-k? It looks like it would make a lovely “Let’s celebrate your first day of Japanese school” gift.

  2. 永次 says:

    Hi Cosmo,

    It reminds me of Finding Nemo except it’s not as frightening. There are a few potentially scary parts, so I’d recommend you watch it first but I think it’s right along the lines of things I used to watch Pre-K.

    It’s a good story about treasuring the things you have and keeping close your childhood memories.

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