I mentioned that I wanted to share something exciting with you about some immersion related Christmas gifts that 永次 and I gifted each other to help motivate and encourage us on our language learning.

And that’s an older American TV show that I absolutely love dubbed in Japanese with Japanese subtitles, from Japan with love.

ロズウェル – 星の恋人たち!

I currently have it playing in the background while I work on this post so I can keep up with my immersion. I know that a lot of people don’t recommend US TV shows dubbed in English because you don’t get to see the Japanese culture or how people speak, but I also know that you really have to get things that work for you. 永次 and I have our fair share of Japanese shows too, but I personally believe there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once and a while. If it gets you excited about learning the language then it’s perfect.

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  1. Cosmo says:

    I remember that show. What fun! I love catching Mad Men on KeyholeTV in the mornings. Definitely not as educational as watching the weird variety and music shows but fun. I try not to watch non Japanese stuff, but I really enjoyed watching American TV shows and sometimes really miss it.

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